I will Stay : Guest Post by Mellissa

This poem is written by my sister, who’s real name is certainly not Mellissa 🙂 She chose this as a false name and also likes to call herself “Princess”. It was actually meant as a song, but looks good as a poem too!

I Will Stay

Today’s morning,
Today’s night,
My mind goes to a place,
I Will Stay
Full of fire burning eyes
We need to win this,
We need to play,
Until and unless our match ends…
I will stay!
I will try my best,
To win this time,
I’ll try to work hard,
‘Cause if I don’t,
my heart and mind won’t get rest.
Back in my memories
Back in my dreams,
I dreamt to win the match
But a dream is only dream.
You cheated with us,
You made our tears flow,
Now it’s time for revenge,
Get ready for our return blow!
Back in the day when alone I sat,
The others had broken hearts,
Back in the sadness,
Back in the pain and sorrow…
If I can loose yesterday,
I can win tomorrow.
Winning is not everything
Playing is all,
If you can defeat us
We can make you fall.

About the poet:

Mellissa or Princess or Suzume or Sparrow is my younger sister. Currently 11 years old, she loves sports, singing, and anything fun! Is great with origami and also starting a novel of her own called Unexpected.

A little bit about the poem:

She wrote this yesterday, for a lame leg competition (a game played in one leg) held in school. Unfortunately, she and the team came second and it was clear she was down in the downs for not coming first. I’ve tried my level best to cheer her up but well… She doesn’t understand it well. Now, now, isn’t games about participation and not always winning? Thank you so much reading!

Awaiting The Final Clash

Another trial for mixing cricket and poetry…

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson with England skipper Eoin Morgan after the toss at Lord's
Kane Williamson (NZ) and Eoin Morgan (England) Copyright: @ cricketworldcup

Awaiting the Final Clash

“You’ve to study,”

I tell myself,

Not only me, everyone does,

Out I look to the bookshelf,

“Don’t let homework pass!”

But my poor mind goes over St. John’s Wood,

“Come on,” I scold, “You’re up to no good!”

But what to do, mind had already gone over,

To a historic place called Lord’s,

A real fight is going on…

Not with arrows, not with swords,

But with bats and balls—

I can’t wait, I can’t take it more,

It’s the ICC World Cup finals!


 Alex Carey suffered a big cut on his chin after being struck by the ball
Alex Carey after getting hurt from Archer

These days, poetry has given me a new language to express myself. Every thought, every emotions, every feelings can be expressed through it.

Alex Tyson Carey’s courage at the 2nd semi-final of the ICC Cricket Tournament really shook my heart. And at last I’ve got a way to express it.

Dedicated to Carey,


Courage is not bragging

Or boasting in front of the world,

Nor it is a miracle

Promising no falls—

But it is, indeed, a promise

To get up back again,

To put on a smile

In front of sadness and pain;

To be level head

In the darkest of days,

To shine like a star,

In the darkest of nights;

To fight,

To fight on till the end;

And if defeat comes,

Accepting it the gallant way.

For anyone who wishes to know more about the courage shown by the Australian wicket keeper-batsman, here is a link:


Have a great day and weekend ahead!

A Player Who Touched My Heart

If I were to name one of the starring players of ICC World Cup 2019, one player to get amazing catches, one player to have a high strike-rate, then for me, that player is no one other than….

Alex Tyson Carey

BBL Ticket Sale Media Opportunity
Source: Jason McCawley/Getty Images AsiaPac

I would ramble on his great stats or history as a cricketer, but let me tell you he was really one of the greatest wicket-keeper- batsman. Yesterday, even though Aussies lost, Carey’s game won my heart. Great player and really great personality. ❤

Here’s a bit of quick info about it:

Full name Alex Tyson Carey

Born August 27, 1991, Loxton, South Australia

Current age 27 years 314 days

Major teams Australia, Adelaide Strikers, South Australia,South Australia Under-19s, South Australia Under-23s

Playing role Wicketkeeper batsman

Batting style Left-hand bat

Fielding position Wicketkeeper

All the best, Carey, for your future matches! You are my star…! ❤ 🙂