Crimson’s Creative Challenge : Sea of thoughts

Thank you so much Crispina for hosting this challenge!

Copyrights: Crispina Kemp

Sea of Thoughts

Looking beyond my chains

And planks and boundaries of wood,

Looking from the same spot where

Every dawn, day, dusk and night I stood,

I see the sea, in different shades.

A sea of life, it seems to me,

Too huge to count on the petty drops of sadness.

Everything is justified

Every moan and madness,

As long as I let the waters flow.

Life is too large to be taken down in one blow,


The sea doesn’t dry up, even in extreme summers.

Well, this is a poem I tried to make “sunny”. After a very long time I am trying to write “sunny” poems to look at the brighter side of life. The last one I wrote was in 2016, at the age of 12.

Thank you for reading!

FOWC with Fandago: Layer

Thank you so much Fandago for hosting this beautiful challenge everyday!


I got to know you once,

I got to know you twice,

But every time I see you again,

All I get is lies.

How many layers have you got

Under those fake smiles?

How much tears, how much pain,

Under those cold eyes?

All your false affection,

All your false gestures,

Floating like a layer of oil mixture

In the ocean of truth.

You are hurt, I know that well.

That’s why you hide in that layer of veil,

Come, reveal your heart,

Come, be a part,

Of mine. Shred your cold cyst,

Come closer and exist,

In the radiance of truth.

Here I in the light, I advance

My hand to you.

Dear, let me get to know your true self once.

A short beautiful journey: A collaboration

This is my first ever collaboration in WordPress and it had been really great! William Johnson, a talented poet, and I came together to write this poem.

It was such a pleasure to work with a spontaneous and beautiful poet like him! He certainly did work hard and quick to come up with something so beautiful 🙂


  • William Johnson
  • Dragon Warrior

A Short Beautiful Journey

Parts by William,

The life is a journey,
The road is very stormy,
Achieving milestones is the goal,
Maintaining your health and control,
Obstructions will never stop,
They keep coming up nonstop,
Ignore them and keep moving on,
From sunset till the dawn ,

Parts by me:

Life is a path going up and down,

Like the curves of the hills,

Sometimes green, sometimes brown,

Sometimes soft, sometimes hard to feel,

And impossible to take.

Up and down in a choppy path,

Surprises and shocks to come around,

Beasts and bushes, warmth and wrath,

Light and dark both found in a quest called life.

Thank you again, William Johnson, for this collab! And a big thank you to everyone for reading! Have a happy weekend ahead! 🙂

FOWC With Fandago : Differ

Thank you so much Fandago for hosting this amazing challenge.


Your eyes differ from mine,

You see the ups, I see the downs.

You see the stars, I see the nights,

You see the smiles, I see the pain.

You are beauty, in all others’ eyes,

You are bright,

You are the optimistic ray of light,

The spring to never die.

And I differ from you in every other way,

The pessimistic pebble,

The paranoid, the rubble,

And the darkness to every room.

But what I see is what you skip by,

The voice of the downtrodden,

The voice of people, down in the dumps.

The silent, invisible scars tracing the sky

The agony long forgotten

The dark memories that clump

Minds of hundred people, like me.

So friend, there you are, and here am I,

I am dull, while you shine,

But I don’t care, I don’t cry,

For your eyes differ from mine.

Weekend Writing Prompt- Song

Thank you, Sammi, for hosting this Weekend Writing Prompt.

The Last Song

A single voice throbs my ears

Maybe it’s the wind,

Whistling by the coves,

Maybe it’s the clouds,

Singing by the copse,

Maybe it’s the birds,

Maybe the cricket’s chirping.

I don’t know whose song it is,

My ears  are already dead.

All I know,

They sing of peace

The peace that had already left my head,

Living behind an empty cage,

Shivering with pain, shivering with rage,

As I lay dying in the copse.

There begins the song again.

Whispering in my ears.

My only peer

In this quiet, cold night.

It’s the stars, I guess,

Singing a eulogy for me.

(102 words)

Post Script

This is my first try in this contest. I am in quite a dark mood, so I am sorry to make it dark as well.

Too Tired

A poem by my imaginary friend, Masaki.

Too Tired

I am too tired
To walk anymore
In this long walk of life.
My limbs are sore,
My heart is throbbing,
An unceasing pain haunts my head.
I have fallen again
But I don’t want to get up.
Fed up
I am with everything.
Let it be over.
Please let everything be over.
I am tired.
Too tired.
I want to quit, I want to end.
My smiles have departed already,
My peace has gone.
My foot is dead.
The only thing alive
Is my poor little head
Crying for sleep.
A deep, deep sleep.
Maybe it’s too early,
Maybe the years are left.
But I am tired, too tired,
All I want is my last bed.

I will Stay : Guest Post by Mellissa

This poem is written by my sister, who’s real name is certainly not Mellissa 🙂 She chose this as a false name and also likes to call herself “Princess”. It was actually meant as a song, but looks good as a poem too!

I Will Stay

Today’s morning,
Today’s night,
My mind goes to a place,
I Will Stay
Full of fire burning eyes
We need to win this,
We need to play,
Until and unless our match ends…
I will stay!
I will try my best,
To win this time,
I’ll try to work hard,
‘Cause if I don’t,
my heart and mind won’t get rest.
Back in my memories
Back in my dreams,
I dreamt to win the match
But a dream is only dream.
You cheated with us,
You made our tears flow,
Now it’s time for revenge,
Get ready for our return blow!
Back in the day when alone I sat,
The others had broken hearts,
Back in the sadness,
Back in the pain and sorrow…
If I can loose yesterday,
I can win tomorrow.
Winning is not everything
Playing is all,
If you can defeat us
We can make you fall.

About the poet:

Mellissa or Princess or Suzume or Sparrow is my younger sister. Currently 11 years old, she loves sports, singing, and anything fun! Is great with origami and also starting a novel of her own called Unexpected.

A little bit about the poem:

She wrote this yesterday, for a lame leg competition (a game played in one leg) held in school. Unfortunately, she and the team came second and it was clear she was down in the downs for not coming first. I’ve tried my level best to cheer her up but well… She doesn’t understand it well. Now, now, isn’t games about participation and not always winning? Thank you so much reading!