Awaiting The Final Clash

Another trial for mixing cricket and poetry…

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson with England skipper Eoin Morgan after the toss at Lord's
Kane Williamson (NZ) and Eoin Morgan (England) Copyright: @ cricketworldcup

Awaiting the Final Clash

“You’ve to study,”

I tell myself,

Not only me, everyone does,

Out I look to the bookshelf,

“Don’t let homework pass!”

But my poor mind goes over St. John’s Wood,

“Come on,” I scold, “You’re up to no good!”

But what to do, mind had already gone over,

To a historic place called Lord’s,

A real fight is going on…

Not with arrows, not with swords,

But with bats and balls—

I can’t wait, I can’t take it more,

It’s the ICC World Cup finals!