King Of Pirates: Crimson’s Creative Challenge

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King of Pirates

By Gou aka George

I will ride on hundred waves,

I will fathom hundred sea miles,

I will uncover hundred graves

Of sailors, lyin’

Here and there about the treasure island.

My rudder is my wizard’s wand,

My cutlass, the magician’s ring—

Beware, traveller, I am the pirate king!

About Gou:

A student at day and pirate by night. No, he is no king of pirates, but a very poor young man compelled to steal for a living. Loves adventure, treasures, keys and the first mate of the ship: Naoki (aka Neil)

Looking Behind

While trailing behind a few memories, I came up with a little poem…

An old picture from August 2018. Looking behind… She’s Lily or Rhodyn

Looking Behind

Days pass, months pass, years pass,

Slowly like a bud we grow,

Thousands of memories

Left behind,

Like footprints dug in snow.

Once, when we look behind,

The trail hovers by a mist—

Slowly forgetting like a hazy fog

We wonder… did they truly exist?

A Shady Inn

Long John’s Showbar, Great Yarmouth, UK

Thank you, K Rawson, for hosting What Pegman Saw ( )

It felt great, as always!

A Shady Inn

Luckily, when we entered the dimly-lit inn, it was almost deserted. Just a half-asleep worker behind the counter.

“Good!” said Nathan in a hushed whisper, “So what’s the next plan?”

“Just act as if we are mere tourists,” I said.

“Good inn, mate!” said Nathan to the man in the counter, “Old fashioned, huh?”

The man mumbled something and then asked in a hoarse voice, “What ye want?”  

That was rude, I know but there wasn’t time to complain.

“Bacon, “ I began but was interrupted by a strong tug in the shoulder.

“Look over there, Al,” Nathan pointed to a stranger sitting at the farthest corner, holding a glass with his slender fair fingers.

His long hair was tied in a ponytail and a dark cape hit his shoulder. He was prince, it seemed, pursuing or escaping a dark secret.

Good, then there are darker men than us.

Discoveries Underneath

Thank you Rochelle for creating this exciting challenge of Friday Fictioneers!

Only for Friday Fictioneers. Photo credits: Dale Rogerson

Discoveries Underneath

When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was some sort of stupid building made for show. But it was during a windy summer day when I finally discovered the secrets beneath it.

It was there, in the middle of a uncannily deserted road, burning up in the sun. I was messing up with it, trying to find the “mysteries” behind it. It was then I had found out the swirling stairs hidden beneath this structure leading to the place of highly technological place of giants. And guess what? They had giant phones and came over here at midnight to charge them!

Post Script:

I am really sorry for this stupid little tale. It’s actually a part of a larger series called “Discoveries of Jos, Far and Wide” I’m so gloomy that can’t really use my words well. Thanks for reading!

Diary of Kain, page 4

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9th July, 2019

Dear Diary,

I know, day by day, my entries to you are getting fewer and fewer… I am really sorry for that but you see, we are so busy about our shifting! It really pains me, to think we can’t live in this valley anymore. I can’t run in the soft grasses in the meadows, I can’t ramble all day long or watch the sunrise and sunset over the hues of the hills… Every day, my parents are taking tours on carts to the Linnet Town and shifting bit by bit. I am alone at home, most of the times, clearing attic and sheds.

Today, however, I have skipped most of my chores. Why? Today is ICC World Cup 1st semi-finals! India vs New Zealand! I am praying to God that New Zealand wins! Speaking of the world cup, I have already made a new friend at Linnet Town! He is a Euclonic (a different religion) but loves the World Cup just as much as I do! He is supporting Australia and said, if the Aussies lost, he would die. Isn’t it too much? He is 20 year old and much older than me. I too wish Aussies would win the World Cup. Either NZ or England can be runner-up. Really, these fellows from Earth have invented such interesting games… Why don’t we have such in our Cygnet? But luckily I’ve heard, in Linnet Town, every year they have a Dragon Race. Now that would be interesting! Oh, I am excited and disappointed at the same time.

By the way, I had found a rusty tin box in our shed. After my parents return, I’ll open it. Maybe it’s just a piece of old junk but I believe there’s some adventure in it!




From the Dark Shades

I’ve always believed villains are human beings too. Fiction gives you so much light that you can shed on each and every personality around the world but unfortunately, most of the people totally forget to acknowledge those great villains who have made the tales more interesting.

I had always wanted to see through the cardboard cut-outs of most villains. I had wanted to see through their eyes. And this desire prompted me to write this little poem, written from the point of view of Rei, a character in my stories.

From the Dark Shades

I wasn’t born a thief,

I wasn’t born a killer,

I was born in a little village,

A little son of miller.

Forever had I lived at the edge,

With a single meal a day,

Tattered clothes and barefoot I ran,

Thorns, my only companion, in this long, tiring way

To a little peaceful living.

Forever had I been scorned,

With pebbles thrown to my side,

Forever insults and threats adorned,

Forever dragging me in this choppy ride

Of living.

They laughed about my religion,

They laughed about my tone,

They laughed about the colour I had,

They laughed and left me alone,

In dark crannies of silent sufferings,

Silent tortures and silent pain.

Until came a day, I could take it no more.

No longer could I be used,

As a toy.

From a little scared boy,

I turned into a reckless young man.

Yes, I stole.

Yes, I killed.

Yes, I took revenge.

But happy am I,

To make meaningful, my little existence.

Diary of Kain… Page 3

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6th July

Dear diary,

Sorry for no talk for a long time. Been a bit busy. We are shifting from our valley to Linnet Town. Really busy.

By the way, Australia, England and New Zealand have been to semis! Yeah! Writing lots of poems and stories nowadays. Not doing much study. Will talk to you later. Nothing interesting here.