What Pegman Saw: A Street Without You

Thanks to J Hardy Carroll for hosting What Pegman Saw. This time Pegman takes us to Asución, Paraguey.

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A Street Without You

In a busy, crowded street,

I didn’t know I’d meet,

The stranger who could change my life.

Yea, I was a gangster, playing with a knife,

Toying with guns, rough with words,

Sharper than swords,

And you were calmer than a mouse,

But invited me in house,

And cared me above the yourself,

You gave me a bookshelf

And a world full of care,

From an urchin of nowhere,

I have risen so high.

Still now, I look at the sky,

And remember everything you did for me,

Like a burning candle,

You’d been caged but made me free,

You’d given your all,

For me, you fall,

And now is a day when you’re gone.

And I still stare at the streets where once I met you,

Where once we walked together but now I’m lone.

This is actually from the point of view of the main character, Yuma, of a story I am writing now. He is a 16 year old former gangster, thrown out of the gang after attempting to kill a mathematics school teacher when he meets a quiet, studious 16 year old student Kenjirou. It’s a story about sacrifices.

This is Yuma
Copyrights: Dragon warrior

Welcome To the Ijin World: Guest Post by Tatsuya

Hello, mates, Prince Tatsuya Tuorin here! My first own journey in the Den Of Dreams actually 🙂 I started this mostly for Crimson Prose, an silvery blogger, to whom I pledge my gratitude. Crimson, I was wondering what you may like until I realised that you like history and culture.

Now, dear mates, you are going to enter deep, deep below the seas, into coral kingdoms, to experience the legendary and magical creatures called Ijins… Hold your breath, there we go…

My first ever water colour painting, dated 25th August 2018.
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Ijins are really small creatures, barely 10 cm of height, and represent the 7 colours of the rainbow— Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red— and the 7 Special colours— Silver, Brown, Black, Grey, Gold, Turquoise, Pink. Each of the Special colours has a special purpose and own task to do. They travel on jellyfishes and sea horses and use the tiny little sea-shells (well, for them, sea shells aren’t tiny at all) as money. Do you see the coral all around? They are the houses and every building of the Ijin folks.

After every 7 months, there a festival, the main festival held for Ijins. It’s called the Feast and goes on for 7 days in the elegant royal place. Surely it’s fun! Even prisoners are released for enjoying these days. (I have been there once, and it was great fun! Next one is in October this year, you may join in too 🙂 )

Well, mates, today, for this post I’m in charge of comments. Feel free to ask any question! I would be more than happy, for, it is perhaps a once-a-lifetime occasion. 🙂

Have a silvery day ahead!

~Tatsuya Tuorin.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter One

Woods Of Wonder

Welcome to the Woods of Wonder!
Get your backpacks on and all of your essentials and get ready to choose your own adventure!

“Beware…” a loud voice bellowed from the sky, “You have entered the Woods of Wonder. You have stepped in great danger and your fate will be decided by you alone.”
Copyrights: DragonWarrior

Chap 1: A Voice From The Sky

It was an ordinary cloudy day when you and your friend decided to go for a walk in the nearby woods. (1)
“What’s the name of this place?” you ask your friend. (2 and 3)
“Don’t know, your name. This place is sort of mysterious… Creepy and eerie you can say.” He/she replies with a cheesy grin, “Are you scared?” (4)
You don’t reply but walk on, crippling twigs beneath your foot and admiring the odd shapes and structures of the trees.
“Hey, your friends’ name, this forest is quite interesting, isn’t it? Just look at the purple pebbles… And the scarlet weeds… Aren’t they odd? What do you think? Your friends’ name? Where are you?” you call out suddenly… to realise he/she is not there beside you. (5)
By now, you had come quite deep inside the woods and the sky looked it would rain soon.
You desperately call your friends’ name but it was like he/she had completely disappeared.
“Beware…” a loud voice bellowed from the sky, “You have entered the Woods of Wonder. You have stepped in great danger and your fate will be decided by you alone.”
You gaze at the sky. There was a hole in the clouds, peeping sunlight. Your friend was still not here and the wind was turning hostile… Maybe a storm was near.

Questions for You:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your friends’ name and gender?
  3. Would you like your friend to join in your journey?
  4. Were you scared?
  5. What will you do now?
  6. What is in your backpack?
  7. How are you feeling?

Choose Your Own Adventure: An Introduction

Dear Readers,

As a child, I have always loved to read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books (and still do right now) and was just wondering… If perhaps I could bring it back to my life?

Well, here I have a crazy idea… Let’s start a Choose Your Adventure in WordPress! 🙂

A Little About This Project

Welcome to the Woods of Wonder!

Nobody knows what exactly resides here or what exactly happens inside this dark, creepy woods. It all depends on you, your imagination and fate. What you choose, and what’s in store for you will set you in the way… So get ready! And choose your own adventure.

How To Start

  1. Everyday or in a brief interval of one or two days, I will write a post of “Choose Your Own Adventure: Woods of Wonder”
  2. Towards the end, there would a question, or a scenario.
  3. You may answer the scenario with a single word, sentence, experience or a post in your blog (and please do give me a link in the comment section if you do because… how can I miss your adventure? 🙂 )
  4. And then… wait for a day or two. Let’s see what happens next 🙂

Dear Reader

I would really love to hear back from you. Let’s make this adventure a memorable one 🙂 Let’s join in each other’s journey! Have fun!

Warm regards,

Dragon warrior.

Snatched Away from Home

Thank you so much, Rochelle, for your Friday Fictioneers!

Photo Credits: Sandra Cook

Snatched Away From Town

The train rushed out of the station, dragging me with it. Hands tied, mouth gagged and eyes burning with tears too stubborn to fall.

Outside of the old window, I see my hometown blurring away. The station where I sold newspapers, the roads where I begged and… the cluster of stones where I had awakened the curse.

Another lashing hit my arm.

“How did you do that, scoundrel?”

Master shouted. I kept mum.

Another lash of whip.

 “When will that creature come alive, you urchin?”

I faintly smiled for I was the answer. A creature snatched from his homeland.

What Pegman Saw: Leafing through the memories

Thank you so much, K Rawson, for your brilliant Pegman’s Challenge! And thank you for choosing Loxton too 🙂

Just outa town, Loxton, Australia | Lee Merchant, Google Maps

Leafing through the memories

For others, Murray was just a river and those odd tracks lining up the shores were just signs of drunkards messing about.

But for me, it had a much, much greater significance. It’s a gesture that Gakal had not forgotten me yet.

Every time I see those large clumps of seaweed, I remember him. Everytime I see those marks slapped by the the tails, I remember him. Oh, Gakal why did you have to go?

They said, “He’s gone for good!”

 They said “He’s a monster!”

But to me, he was a savior. Yes, he looked ugly but he had saved my life more than once and on his back, I had travelled all around river Murray, and I have leaped back and forth time.

He shouldn’t have gone.

They said, they have killed him.

I don’t believe it. Dear Gakal, when will you return?


  • Gakal is an aboriginal Australian word meaning “skill”
  • The character of this story, Gakal, is a Muldjewangk, an aboriginal mythical creature.
  • The main character is Alex, yes, the one about whom I wrote in last week’s challenge 🙂

A Curse That Became a Blessing

Thank you so much, Rochelle, for this challenge of Friday Fictioneers


A curse that became a blessing

Millenniums ago, I had been cursed to become a statue. And now I think, it’s a blessing.

They had taken parts of my hands, they had forever closed my eyes.

It’s a blessing, I say again. At least I don’t have to see my mother Earth dying. At least I don’t have to see some of my brothers die out of hunger and others feasting on fries. At least, I don’t have to see the pain and disgraceful state of the world which, once was such a gracious place.