Liebster Award for the Second Time!!

Can’t really believe I have got my second award! How can I ever thank you Steve? 🙂

He’s Yan!
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

Thank you so much Steve, for nominating me in this award! Your blog, is really so creative and amazing! Greetings to Muffin too! I hope you get 500 followers soon! I really want to thank you so let me convey it in 11 languages…

  1. Japanese: Domo Arigatou!
  2. German: Danke Sehr!
  3. Spanish: Gracias
  4. Italian: Grazie
  5. Greek: Efharisto 
  6. Hebrew: Toda
  7. French: Merci Beaucoup
  8. Russian: Spasiba 
  9. Icelandic: Takk
  10. Thai: Khop Khun Mak Kha
  11. Maori: Mihi koe

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees!

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

Thank you again Steve!

11 Facts about me:

  1. I still love to read children’s fiction
  2. I don’t really believe in the concept of countries.
  3. When I smile, I have a dimple in left cheek
  4. I resemble my paternal grandmother so much that many people say I’m her recarnation
  5. I like dinosaurs, mummies and mysterious objects.
  6. I like little notebooks, bullet journals and such
  7. My MBTI is INFP, Mediator
  8. I like observing things
  9. Love coffee!
  10. I can sympathize with anybody, even villains of stories
  11. I don’t like cliches of Chosen One and Mary Sue

Answering Steve’s Questions…

What is your favorite color?

Different shades of blue! Black and turquoise are great too 🙂

Do you like animals?

Oh yes! We are animals too 🙂

Do you have a favorite animal?

Dragons perhaps? 😉

Do you have a pet?


Do you enjoy vacations?

I really love vacations! Especially to hill stations ^^

Do you like short (1 week) or long (3 weeks or more) vacations?

Short vacations… Usually up to 4 days.

Do you prefer to stay in your own country for vacations or go to other countries?

Sorry, but I don’t believe in countries. I would love to travel all around Earth and beyond if possible! 🙂

Do you enjoy flying?

In airplanes… Not much. But if I had wings… that would be an exciting thing! 🙂

When did you start blogging?

16 June 2019

Why did you start blogging?

Well, to begin with, it was a school task! But I had always loved writing and sometimes wanted to show them to the world. Also, I wanted to find someone like me with similar interests 🙂 ^^

Why do you follow my blog? 

Your blog is so creative and amazing! It refreshes me up and I like each and every post of yours. Muffin is great too! ^^

My Nominees

  1. Outseago ( A really interesting person
  2. NZain ( Who always has something inspiring to tell
  3. Heartbreak ( A new blogger, who is very caring
  4. Sania ( who is a really great companion!
  5. Buddy 71 ( Who has great refreshing posts and pictures
  6. Renard ( Who always has great tips for blogging
  7. Nz ( One of the nicest person I had ever met
  8. Jyoti ( A very talented high-school girl
  9. Sheree ( The person to whom I am most grateful (I hope you don’t mind me asking you again 🙂 )
  10. Ink em down ( A great poet
  11. Dawn ( One of the most courageous person

My Questions:

  1. Who is your favourite fictional character?
  2. Who is your idol?
  3. Favourite holiday spot?
  4. What do you like best about yourself?
  5. If you can live anywhere in the universe what would it be?
  6. Favourite time of the day?
  7. Do you prefer writing in paper or typed in computer?
  8. Your favourite blogger?
  9. Three things for a deserted island?
  10. Dream dish?
  11. One wish to come true?

Thanks again, Steve! I wish you have a great week ahead!

Thank You soo Much For 100 Followers!

Really, I am beyond myself with happiness! I wish to dance on the clouds and sing in the air… I can’t believe I have a hundred people beside me in this journey of blogging world!

She’s Lousa… 🙂
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

It hasn’t been a month even, but the days had been truly well. I had met so many amazing persons, became friends with so many amazing people and came to know so many interesting facts!

Thank You!

I really can’t tell how grateful and happy am I!


I don’t know why, but it seems, writing has somehow come in my blood. I really loved to write since a long time ago but now, it seems I can’t live without writing… And nowadays, it seems to me, poetry is one of the best way to express emotions and feelings. And perhaps that’s why I’m writing so many of them! (Most of them are really nothing more than scribbles, though 🙂 but I still like to write) Today, in literature class, I wrote one too.


Sitting at a corner,

With a frown in my face,

Musing, brooding,

Thinking, moody,

Can’t get hold of this race

Of thoughts in my mind.

I don’t know why,

But a shallow mist of sadness,

Hovers over my heart.

Worries apart,

I tell myself and sigh,

My mind is an absolute mess!

Thoughts, dreams and voices sever,

All my concentration.

Oh, I’m so absent-minded forever!

Thank You Steve

Recently, I have been having a wonderful talk with Steve from

A picture I drew thinking of you… Sorry, Muffin, I can’t draw cats…

His blog is amazing and certainly one of the most creative blogs I’ve ever seen!

Thank you so much for your time and conversations! I am so glad to have met you!

Greetings to Muffin too!

Thank you, Steve and Muffin!

In Cloud Nine

Today, I really am in cloud nine! I am so happy that I can not express in words!

Just a few hours ago, and, 24 hours ago, I just found out a way to thank two of the most amazing bloggers… Tatterhood and Ilona madam… Drawings!

A picture I have drawn…

I really can’t believe that I could bring a smile with these little drawings of mine… 🙂 I really am so happy!

Dear Reader,

I was just wondering… Perhaps… Can I bring a smile to you too? I mean, would you like it if I do a painting of you? I would try my best, it’s a promise… 😊

I would love to spread smiles if I can… 🙂

Thank you, Ilona Madam

Thanks a lot, Ilona Madam ( for being such a great friend! You are really lovely, pretty and amazing! Your blog and comments really make my day! And thank you for nominating me too! 🙂

You are really amazing, Ilona Madam!

This a little picture I drew, imagining you. Not as pretty as you, though… ❤

Thank you again for being such a great companion! 🙂