UraShimaSakaSen Daily Life

Greetings to you!

Well, today, I would like to introduce you a little comic anime series called “UraShimaSakaSen Daily Life”. It’s a really light-hearted and funny thing to cheer up moods.

There are 12 episodes and each episode is just 4 minutes long, so in less than an hour, I’m finished seeing it. Yay!

Let’s begin with the characters: 4 transfer students who surely are anything but odd and funny. They form a club and have fun.

Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou
Copyrights: my anime list

Here’s a link to the episodes, if anyone would like to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOOmPhE0Vn8&list=PLwLSw1_eDZl1anqyunGxtfYhkK4tAp2Tk

Thank you so much and have a great week ahead!

Warmest regards,

Dragon warrior ❤

Happy birthday Kakuzu ✨

Dear Kakuzu,

I don’t really know how old you are now, or would be this day, but still a very fond happy birthday to you! You know, even if you a loser and an evil person, I still like you a lot! A very happy birthday to you and keep on shining! ✨

I know, you don’t at all like lavish gifts, so just a simple card for you, based on how I think you used to look at the older days…

Here is it…. Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Warm regards to you and many wishes on your birthday!

Happy birthday, Sasuke!

Dear Sasuke Uchiha,

Happy birthday, Sasuke!
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

I don’t know how old are you or how are you doing now. But you have been a special character in Naruto and since my childhood, I have made greeting card for you… Now, even if I am snowed with work and exams, I won’t let your birthday go so easily! 😉

So a very happy birthday to you dear Sasuke!

Ruined By a Power-cut

Yesterday, all my plans and to-do lists were washed away by the power-cut that came in the evening.

I was writing by award-post, my very first award post which Ilona Madam had nominated me, very happy and pleased and grateful, when suddenly came flashes of lightning and thunder and pouring rain. Gone! Gone, was the electric supply. Gone was the draft that I had written with so much time and hard work in the computer.

The power-cut ruined it all

Shota (aka Fluorine) who loves storms as much as I do

But still, I don’t hate the rain. In fact, I absolutely love the storms even if it does bring in lots of destruction and power-cuts. I love the mornings after storm and the pleasant smell of sodden earth and the breezes following and all the freshness it brings. What are your favourite seasons?