A painting of Yeka

Dear Yeka, this is something Tatsuya Tuorin, the 15 year old prince over the Ijin world wanted to show. I painted you as far as my fancies went…

Do you look like this? 💕
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior


A Letter To Yeka

Dear Yeka,

I know, I have met you just a few days ago but already you have won a big place in my heart. I don’t know of enough words to describe the lovely and cheerful personality you have. You certainly are really sweet and lovely and amazing! I am really happy that I had found your lovely, warm place. You are a warrior, and a protector indeed.


A warm ray of happiness,

Always smiling, full of cheers

Always accepting, always helping,

Spreading light everywhere,

Dear Yeka, you know the beauty

And the real shape of love,

You the silver lining,

Of every grey cloud, looming above,

And that’s what makes you so pretty.

You are brave, always sweet,

You know how to take defeat

With a smile. You are brave,

For you fight for the right.

I admire you a lot,

And with you, it’s all about love.

I thank my lucky stars, that our paths have crossed.

Warm Regards,

Yours faithfully,

Dragon Warrior


Be The Change You Want To See In The World!

An amazing and inspirational post from a shining blogger. So true, and something I feel the whole world needs to know.

Huguette Antoun

How come we can write the best stories and make beautiful movies that make people dream and wish to have similar lives,  we make them escape reality and live in a world of dreams BUT we can’t just live the same way?
Why we can’t be “this guy from the movie that is loyal and loving”, why we can’t be “this devoted woman” and ‘this kind and honest person”? Why we can’t create beauty for real and make this world a better place instead of this pile of trash we live in nowadays?

I’m mentioning the good side of movies and stories because I’m sure nobody has a dream to be raped or to be poor or to be eaten by a shark right?

But we always say the sentences “Their life is like a movie” or “life is not a movie” but you are forgetting that people that are…

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A Journey of Two months

I really can’t believe 2 months have already passed since I started this amazing journey in this blogging world, since 16 June 2019. So far, it had berb so good. I met a lot of wonderful people all around the world, made very good friends and experienced a very great time. Blogging has given me a second home that I cherish very deep in my heart. Today, I take the opportunity to thank each and every person who has been beside me in the journey… Thank you so much! ✨💕 You have made my life so much more beautiful!

Dear blog, how could I stay two months with you without personifying you in my dreams?

Well, I don’t at all want to brag but today, I also take the opportunity to leaf some milestones in my journey till now…

  • Views: 7091
  • Visitors: 2791
  • Likes: 3497
  • Comments: 2068
  • People in my journey: 311

Thank you soooooo much, everyone, for stepping in my life and being a part of it!

Warm regards,

Dragon Warrior ✨💕

Welcome To the Ijin World: Guest Post by Tatsuya

Hello, mates, Prince Tatsuya Tuorin here! My first own journey in the Den Of Dreams actually 🙂 I started this mostly for Crimson Prose, an silvery blogger, to whom I pledge my gratitude. Crimson, I was wondering what you may like until I realised that you like history and culture.

Now, dear mates, you are going to enter deep, deep below the seas, into coral kingdoms, to experience the legendary and magical creatures called Ijins… Hold your breath, there we go…

My first ever water colour painting, dated 25th August 2018.
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Ijins are really small creatures, barely 10 cm of height, and represent the 7 colours of the rainbow— Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red— and the 7 Special colours— Silver, Brown, Black, Grey, Gold, Turquoise, Pink. Each of the Special colours has a special purpose and own task to do. They travel on jellyfishes and sea horses and use the tiny little sea-shells (well, for them, sea shells aren’t tiny at all) as money. Do you see the coral all around? They are the houses and every building of the Ijin folks.

After every 7 months, there a festival, the main festival held for Ijins. It’s called the Feast and goes on for 7 days in the elegant royal place. Surely it’s fun! Even prisoners are released for enjoying these days. (I have been there once, and it was great fun! Next one is in October this year, you may join in too 🙂 )

Well, mates, today, for this post I’m in charge of comments. Feel free to ask any question! I would be more than happy, for, it is perhaps a once-a-lifetime occasion. 🙂

Have a silvery day ahead!

~Tatsuya Tuorin.

Liebster Award

A very big thank you to our beloved Sheree from the View from the Back for this award! She’s a brilliant blogger, always cheerful, supportive, with very interesting travels all around the world, and really good recipes and photographs… Thank you so much for being a part of blogosphere and I am counting my lucky stars that I have met you.

The Rules:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.

5. Ask your nominees 11 further questions.

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

Thank you so much Sheree!

Facts about Myself…

  1. I express myself through my imaginary friends.
  2. I love watching cricket.
  3. My favourite anime till now is Dororo (2019) and Naruto
  4. I love meeting new people around the blogging world
  5. I am making my own language
  6. Whenever I am sad, I write poems (perhaps that’s why they are dark so much)
  7. I truly believe in equality
  8. I am big dreamer, and once saw a fellow blogger, Sheree in my dream.
  9. My lucky number is 7
  10. I love mystery and antiques and ruins
  11. I value gratitude and compassion the most in my life.

Questions by Sheree:

1. If you had the ability to turn back time, what time period would you return to and why?

 Age of 11, preteen, where I made most wrong decisions.

2. You have the opportunity to make up a word and have it added to the dictionary. What would it be and what does it mean? Give examples of its use.

It is a most interesting question! A few years back, I used to keep a long list of words. I am even making a language for our world. 🙂 Well, I’d choose Quya, which refers to a complex and contradictory person, for example, very emotional, yet unable to describe one’s emotions, very sympathetic, yet antipathetic. (actually my communities’ name is also Quya)

3. You’ve been gifted a plot of land on which you can grow vegetables and herbs. What would you grow and why?

I am not very fond of vegetables and not a good gardener indeed. 🙂

4. Have you ever visited a place just because someone wrote about it on their blog. If so, where was that place?

Not yet, but I am quite new to blogging. I would love to visit a lot of places though!

5. You have the chance to live someone else’s life for a year. Who would you like to be and why?

 Well, I am quite happy in my skin. 🙂 But I would like to be a little kid with no worries 

My Nominees:

  1. Yeka, a most amazing and wonderful woman that I have the luck to meet. Very encouraging and a true warrior.
  2. William Johnson, a very young talented writer, who certainly deserves more praises.
  3. Tiger Anime, my new friend in Word Press, who writes about anime
  4. Mr Holliman, an amazing man with great posts and really cool recipe too.
  5. Red Rider, an amazing man, I really like his ramblings and every talks with him.
  6. Jyoti, a sweet, bubbly school girl, who’s already to have a warm chat.
  7. PJ, a new blogging friend whom I feel is amazing already.
  8. The Mush from the Hill, an amazing poet who has magic in his words.
  9. Gina, another amazing poet and a really wonderful person.
  10. Enzo Martinelli, amazing person with great interests and amazing taste of arts.
  11. Rising Star, who really is a Rising Star in the blogging world!

+ Anyone who wishes to! 🙂 (I would be really happy if you do ❤ )

My Questions:

  1. What is your favourite song?
  2. Favourite travel destination?
  3. Favourite movie?
  4. Favourite fictional character and why?
  5. Your biggest dream?
  6. Do you believe in magic?
  7. Would you like to come to our planet Cygnet? (a magical world in my mind)
  8. Something you cherish?
  9. Childhood favourite TV show?
  10. Something you think the whole world needs to know?
  11. Something about yourself you would like to change?

Thank you again Sheree!

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Forgotten Trail

Thank you so much Crimson for hosting this challenge.

The Forgotten Trail

~ a verse by Tatsuya

Hiking forth, I stumbled upon

A thin trail, left alone,

Twigs and weeds, grown all around

That scratch and I frown,

At the edgy ground,

Until I see a flight of stairs.

Small stairs, Stones stairs.

Who knows they lead to where,

And yet, to the unknown, I follow.

Dark and creepy, the stairs went,

To a place I never knew or came upon,

Fantastic beasts I met,

Fantastic places, a purple sun

And blue grass, and roaming stouts

I had come upon a land of great adventure,

But alas, I did not know a way out!