Dearest friends over WordPress,

How are you? Meeting you after a long time…Really missed you a lot! My exams have been over for this year (again at 6 January 2020, though) and winter holidays have begun!

How are you spending your winter or summer? What are your to-do for the last days of 2019? Do you have plans for Christmas or New Year?

A new member in our new house… Little tree! (:
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Would love to hear from you!

With lots of love,

Dragon Warrior ❤

To my beloved Tatterhood

Dear Tatterhood,

May this letter find you in good health and spirit. I hope you are doing well.

You are one of my first and best friends in blogging world and I do admire you a lot!

I think you are really awesome and cool! I too agree age is just a number and you really inspire me lot! I love the way how you accept people the way they are. Your blog is such a creative place and I really enjoy reading about your daily muses and movie reviews and everything you write. To be honest, you are my inspiration for many things.

You’re really, really amazing and I hope you have the speediest recovery! Sending you all my dragon powers!

Our beloved Tatterhood!

Lots of love and warm regards,


Dragon Warrior ✨💕

A picture of Elyan White

Autumn greetings, m’lady Elyan, your faraway friend Tatsuya is here. How are you doing? I apologise again for our delay… But our days are going quite busy even in our holidays. And to make things worse, we have to “shift” from our laptop to computer.

But today, I saw you in my dreams and drew you like it. Would you please tell me how you really look like so that I can colour you?

My warmest regards to you, my amazing lady, and keep shining like you do!

~ Tatsuya Tuorin

What do you think the world will look like in the next ten years?

Autumn greetings to my dearest friends over the blogging world! Long time no see…
I hope all of you are alright? How are you doing?
Well, I do love reading interactive posts so I thought if I could make some of my own myself… So here is my first try!
Let’s name it “Dreaming Corner” where we can share our views on certain topics.
Dreams don’t have any rules or limits so neither am I imposing any in this corner. But, please do remember, not to hurt others’ views and to be respectful to all views around the world.
Oh, I really am excited!
So, today, let’s chat about…

The World In The Next Decade

What do you think the world will look like after ten years? A lot of interesting gadgets? Houses on stars?

If you wish, you can come up with creative pieces like paintings, poems and stories. I’d really love to have a ride on your imagination!

I would be early waiting for your answers and views!

Lots of love and warmest regards,
Dragon Warrior. ❤

The Journey Begins

Introducing you one of the new bloggers in the blogosphere… I am really looking forward to his posts! He seems like a great person with a quote that touches my heart… “You can do it, if you really want it” Thank you for your great message, Clint van There, looking forward to hear more from you soon ✨ Dear fellow bloggers, let’s meet new people round the blogging world.

Fathers Recovered

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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Exams are still going on, but Tatsuya had an emotional outburst. Too hard to be swallowed. Too bitter to be told aloud. That’s why a poem outlet.


A deep shaking down my heart,
Like quakes, soft tremors,
Going hard,
Shattering hearts with
Knives of broken trust—-
Like pieces of glass.
Awful rumours,
Swallowed hard,
False believes, false myths,
Dreams rust—
In this awful cage of reality.

I am hurt—
Like a wounded bird,
Can’t sing, can’t dream, can’t tell.
Hopes fell,
Trust fell,
All gone down, down the life’s well.
It hurts
When people you care turn back,
Stare you cold looks
Throw in their black books—
Just because of an unknown mistake.
Can’t take,
Pleading help from myself to recover
A cold feeling nobody cares,
A forbidding feeling that never lets me dare
To go out and seek the world.

He wanted to ask, what did you do when someone you really care turned back?
And I apologise to anyone whose feelings I’ve hurt for my delayed responses. Everything is going so muddled for me…

P.S. Would you please tell me, do I sound too “fake”? Do I seem too emotional?

15 candles alight

Well, I know, I had said goodbye some weeks ago, but it’s now I have decided to come back. I was having a bit of trouble with myself, but luckily I have won. 😃However, a new problem, called exams, has popped up and fixed me down. 😅

No worries, though! I am damn sure by 20th of September, I can return to my Den of Dreams and take long rambles here and there. ✨ ❤

I was really missing you all a lot these days!!

And, so, today, I thought it would be a nice way to spend my 15th birthday xx

A very big thank you to all my blogging friends who have stood along this time, even when I had left! I have read all your comments and I would reply very soon… Please be a little patient with me 😃 xxx

Letters given to me by my imaginary best friends, Rin and Haruo

And I would love to thank you all for caring so much for me! You really made me feel special with your warmth.

Thank you so much Elyan White for taking me and Tatsuya on tour of Lumis.

Thank you so much Sheree for offering me for a guest post on such a magical place!

Thank you so much Tatterhood for asking me about my welfare.

And thank you so much, William Johnson for your kind wishes on my birthday.

Lots of love to everyone and best wishes!

Dragon Warrior