What do you think the world will look like in the next ten years?

Autumn greetings to my dearest friends over the blogging world! Long time no see…
I hope all of you are alright? How are you doing?
Well, I do love reading interactive posts so I thought if I could make some of my own myself… So here is my first try!
Let’s name it “Dreaming Corner” where we can share our views on certain topics.
Dreams don’t have any rules or limits so neither am I imposing any in this corner. But, please do remember, not to hurt others’ views and to be respectful to all views around the world.
Oh, I really am excited!
So, today, let’s chat about…

The World In The Next Decade

What do you think the world will look like after ten years? A lot of interesting gadgets? Houses on stars?

If you wish, you can come up with creative pieces like paintings, poems and stories. I’d really love to have a ride on your imagination!

I would be early waiting for your answers and views!

Lots of love and warmest regards,
Dragon Warrior. ❤

85 thoughts on “What do you think the world will look like in the next ten years?

  1. I live in a city. Sadly it’s becoming like a concrete jungle and I believe it will only get worse. Sadly I am stuck here, maybe that why I tend to be drawn to painting landscapes…..My way of escaping to the country, also beach scenes.🌝❤

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    1. Same problem here… thank you so much for answering! I draw and write to escape in my world of dreams too… And your pictures are magical as well, so I guess, you have a “teleporter” in your notebook 🙂


  2. I’m hoping progress will have been made by all nations in tackling climate change snd poverty. Personally I hope AI will have advanced such that robots will be doing my housework and clearing up after my husband.

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  3. I don’t know but I have rather pessimistic views on the topic. The world will grow more and more mathematical with the increase of artificial intelligence, and art will become more and more sparse. Clime change seems inescapable, there will be epidemics of new diseases, people will die (reducing the population which might be a good thing), but won’t new cures be invented?

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    1. Thank you so much for your views!
      Yes, technological advancement does have so many negative signs as well. Art and literature are reducing day by day. I am greatly worried about our environment as well.
      But, perhaps new cures would come up.
      Thank you again for your views!


      1. Exactly. We humans are like that, we would not actually stop global warming, but would rather find a way to survive. But I am contradicting my own statement; artificial can do everything scientific itself. Which would actually increase people’s interest in the arts, as writing, creating operas or painted canvases is something which AI can never, ever do.

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  4. The one thing I’ve noticed as a constant over the decades is whatever the latest *scare “hyped by the politicians and media, come the next decade it’s all turned around. So I’m inclined to feel hopeful for the decade to come.

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    1. Thank you so much for your views !
      Media and politics do influence so much, and though, I’m really not interested in politics, they seem too complicated. Some, but not all, are raging communal wars. I am praying that in next decade, they stop being so selfish and think more about commoners too.
      P.S. In history exam, I got 19/20… and to be honest, talking with you all did enrich my overall knowledge. I really do thank you deeply.

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  5. I write poetry which can be found on my blog under the Poetry tab. You’ll have to go to the site itself because it’s not in the reader. You can find my poetry at sereneluna.wordpress.com

    Back in elementary school, we were asked to write an essay about what the world would look like in 2020. 2020 seemed far away at the time, and I guessed that we should have touch screens for phones. That prediction was right. I also guessed that we would have flat TVs which also proved to be true. In 10 years from now, I think there will be more therapy options for people since we are becoming more and more complicated the more we learn about ourselves, and I also think that someone will probably discover another type of element we didn’t know about. Radiation will probably be more powerful than ever, while sickness will also be more prevalent. I’m guessing that we will have 2x more hospitals than we do now since the baby boomers will be elderly and in need of more care.

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    1. Wow, beautiful views and experience! Thank you so much (:
      You’re a very far-sighted person, it seems! Really, diseases are spreading so much these days and are getting stronger!
      I’d surely read your poems, thank you so much for letting me know! ❤

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      1. When I am in survival mode (school), I am very short-sighted. For larger, global issues, I guess I would be more far-sighted. I daydream a lot and watch a lot of documentaries. My free time mostly consists of doing things most people would find “boring.” Thank you so much for checking out my poetry.😊 I wrote most of it back when my insomnia was at its worst.

        Not only are diseases spreading, but people are developing resistance to antibiotics that used to work. I’m sure that the pharmaceutical companies will whip up new concoctions of drugs but I question the overall health of the population. With obesity and diabetes on the rise, I’m not sure how we are going to care for all of these sick people in need of medical care. Hopefully, it all gets sorted out. In a weird way, we’ll probably find a solution….

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      2. It’s hard for me to answer that question since I would need to write an essay about what I do in my free time. I’ll give you a summary:

        Do you watch educational videos on YouTube? How about learning the ropes of mastering productivity and finding your purpose? Do you meditate and do yoga? Do you shop for health foods? Do you watch documentaries? Do you listen to philosophical podcasts about personal growth and development? I do.

        Here’s what I don’t do: I don’t drink alcohol, smoke weed, or smoke cigarettes (I have maybe at some point tried them). I’ve never been to a night club. I never went to prom (that one was my fault, I wasn’t proactive about it). I’ve never been to Disneyland. I don’t blow all of my money on subscription boxes or shop online much, and I’m not obsessed with makeup and shoes.

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  6. In 1999 I thought the twenty first century would be the century of peace after a century of wars and genocide – how wrong could I be? But looking on the positive side a lot has happened in technology this century which we are making good use of. In ten years time we will all have chips implanted in our wrists or palms for access to anything or to make payments. Babies will be implanted at birth and parents will be warned, as they are with vacination now… You must have your baby chipped other wise they will not be able to access work or medical care or life in general…

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    1. Thank you so much for your views and experience!
      True, time brings both good and bad tides with it and all thanks to you, I could get a glimpse of thoughts about the arrival of twentieth century.
      Technology is certainly advancing really fast and there are already many cool gadgets available…
      And thank you again for inspiring a sci-fi idea to me!

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  7. The place where i live, people don’t have manners how to behave, when to react, the most important thing they don’t have patience, i need to relax myself when i feel irritated with all this……according to me in next ten years….world would be like, 40% love and 60% hate…..and that too a place where we won’t be able to live and breathe freely…..a most polluted one

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    1. Oh, that’s bad ):
      I think people should be taught about etiquette and behaviour and nature concern too. You’re right, love is slowly lowering day by day, and people are more concerned about benefits than anything else. Thank you so much for your views!

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  8. Happy autumn! The Dreaming Corner is a lovely idea!
    I’m not sure the future will be anything special compared to now–ten years isn’t too long. Let’s see, the weather will probably get whackier, and probably (hopefully) more people will notice it. Maybe we’ll see more self-driving cars, too, and a whole new slew of debates on stem cell technology. I’d like to say there will be less violence, but I fear there might be more before that.
    But wouldn’t it be an amazing story if houses were on stars? Each family could have their own star, and see comets go by up close!

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    1. Oh, such an amazing idea! It’s really lovely to hear from you! I too fear more violence, for people are getting more aggressive day by day. Houses on stars do sound amazing!
      Ah, it’s really dreamy too! Thank you so much for your views!
      P.S. How are you?

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      1. Oh, I’m doing fine. Still very busy for the foreseeable future, but no longer infected. (Huzzah!) I’m polishing a short story collection I think I’d like to publish, and we’re starting to get snow where I am! How about you, are you doing well?

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  9. Well we will definitely find a way to live on other planets! Or maybe the moon
    A few animals might get extinct which would be sad but new species of animals will be born
    Hopefully there will be a portal to a parallel universe by then 😋
    I guess japan will lead the world and I hope they do coz they are kind people and also good at technology 😋
    I mean so much is goin to change but IL leave it at this !

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      1. You know when we belive in God he must care us.. only GOD can do any impossible thing.. now its on you.. but as a new born baby weaps then his/her mother feed . as we have to say God then he must do we want..
        if you belive me once i can tell u a simple workship you can do easily at anywhere.. even on road too..


  10. based on current events in 10 years we could be recovering from another major war. based on past human history, i fear humanity will not be much better off. more people will be out of work because technology will do a lot more, but that will lead to more pleasure time. mental health will be out of control.

    and i agree with a lot what ms. tan had to say.

    we will have established exploration to mars and beyond and more people will take trips into space as “tourists.”

    tech and pharma companies will be very big and powerful.

    the weather will be more harsh

    you will be more established in your life with your writing and art and i will have enjoyed 10 more years of knowing you.

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  11. I wish things will get better, but according to scripture they won’t. But the good part is knowledge is always increasing! New things will be invented as always! I hope things that will relieve the stress from so many! Who knows, we could be flying around in space by then like the Jetsons! 😁😃

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