A movie that left a Scar

Today evening, I had gone to see the Lion king. I am quite late, I know, and the movie was quite nice too. But one thing left a deep scar in my heart and that was no one other Scar.

Now you may call me weird, or even take me as an “Evil” person, but I have always liked the Villains in fiction. They never fail to interest and surprise me and honestly… I think they very less taken care of.

Take Scar, for example. He is just the typical villain you would meet in fiction. Greedy, stubborn, cold, without moral or responsibility. And has a similar fate like them: Death. And what positive trait he has? Nil. So, in short, the cardboard cutout.

Now I really believe, these villain need a little bit more empathy. If not from the readers, then from the authors. Come on, they are also human or at least have human traits. They deserve just as much attention as the hero…

I have often feel compassionate to the Villains because I know they are very few people caring about them. Poor people, they are, isolated even by their Crafters.

I am really determined to make a deeper picture of Scar. Tomorrow, I would paint a human version of him.

Well, this is something I really wanted to talk about since long, but I had no one to listen… Thank you so much for reading this!

Warm regards to you…

Dragon Warrior ✨

62 thoughts on “A movie that left a Scar

  1. I would agree with you on Scar! They should have given a bit more on why he became so bitter and evil! As you say everyone I think starts out with good intentions and then has life happen to them which changes their out look and actions going forward. Nice post Dragon! Well done!

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      1. Yes, I saw Scar! Very nice depiction of him as a human! My day is going well. I’ll need to go to the store later today to but some ink for my printer as I ran out of color ink this morning. But just working.

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      1. I saw Wonder Woman in 3D a few years ago! That was pretty cool. Although if I did it again I would get there early and find a seat in the middle of a row for easier viewing with the glasses.🧐

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      2. 3D movies are always cool I guess. πŸ™‚ I have not never watched Wonder Woman, maybe because I’m not so much into movies (except this one, the last movie I saw was on Jan 2019) and not a big Avenger fan myself πŸ™‚


      3. It takes a great deal of courage and conviction to walk your own path and leave the crowds to seek your own peace. I think you have that courage and conviction! Be sure though to use your wisdom to not be stubborn needlessly to make a point! It will alienate those who dont understand what you have learned.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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      4. Great wise words, thank you so much. Stubbornness is never good, and I believe everyone’s point of view should be supported. It’s good to know how the world thinks. I love seeing the world through other’s eyes! πŸ™‚ ❀


    1. That’s a very good thing! I would love to read your stories …
      Honestly, I believe there is no such thing as “hero” or “villain”. Every one is both, depending upon the angle he is looked at. Well, Tatsuya first came to my writing world as a villain. But now, I certainly understand him better.

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  2. interesting view.
    since this is the newest version, did you see the last version disney made? maybe you could compare the new scar to the previous scar???

    with so many ideas floating around in this world, why do a remake???

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  3. Wow, I’m blown away with you, Sophie! Only a genuine person of pure empathy and compassion can have a heart for villains. You are bold and beautiful to …. you take a stand for what you believe in. I feel as I’ve known you forever! ❀️

    P.S. I’m undergoing special medical treatment and care ….. I’ve been embracing and celebrating the warrior in me too….. I salute you, Dragon Warrior! ❀️

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    1. It’s so great that I have met you! Thank you so much for all the good words you said about me! Well, many years I have spent keeping silent in fear offending others. But now, I think I have a say of my own too, and if it doesn’t harm anybody, what is wrong to put it forward?
      If you don’t mind, may I ask you about your medical treatment? Do nurture the Warrior in yourself! And anytime if you need me, I am just there beside you πŸ’•βœ¨

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      1. Aww my Dragon Warrior ….. my beautiful angel! How can one hold such beauty within? ❀️
        Receiving special treatment for IgA Nephropathy….. it’s been a challenge …. and yet, with God by my side, and my family too, I can face everything. Just like you, I fight the good fight of faith. On to our warrior battlecry! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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      2. You really are an angel for me πŸ™‚
        I just Googled about IgA Nephropathy I earnestly hope it’s not very serious…? I hope God and your family and hundred and thousand of people all around the world be there beside you! A true warrior needs not to kill, but to protect. And you really are a true warrior! ❀ πŸ™‚

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      3. Oh my heart! I was not ready for that ….. such pure powerful goodness …… you made me tear up ……. 😒😒😒 Touched beyond words…. Coming from the Dragon Warrior of Cygnet …… that is way beyond inspiration! ❀️😊❀️😊❀️😊

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      4. Well, you surely are a great person! Do you like poetry? And what may I call you?
        You have already touched my heart and I really, really like you a lot. ❀
        Always shine! And cure soon! All my prayers for you… πŸ™‚

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      5. Oh I looooove poetry ….. I appreciate the interplay of words, the layers of emotions, and all the love that comes with writing poetry …. do you write poetry? Would love to read your poems in the coming days. ❀️ You have likewise touched my heart! Thank you my bold and beautiful Dragon Warrior! ❀️

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      6. Yay! I’m excited to visit your blog again tomorrow! Love and happy hugs, Yeka β€οΈβ˜€οΈβ€οΈβ˜€οΈβ€οΈβ˜€οΈ

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