Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter One

Woods Of Wonder

Welcome to the Woods of Wonder!
Get your backpacks on and all of your essentials and get ready to choose your own adventure!

“Beware…” a loud voice bellowed from the sky, “You have entered the Woods of Wonder. You have stepped in great danger and your fate will be decided by you alone.”
Copyrights: DragonWarrior

Chap 1: A Voice From The Sky

It was an ordinary cloudy day when you and your friend decided to go for a walk in the nearby woods. (1)
“What’s the name of this place?” you ask your friend. (2 and 3)
“Don’t know, your name. This place is sort of mysterious… Creepy and eerie you can say.” He/she replies with a cheesy grin, “Are you scared?” (4)
You don’t reply but walk on, crippling twigs beneath your foot and admiring the odd shapes and structures of the trees.
“Hey, your friends’ name, this forest is quite interesting, isn’t it? Just look at the purple pebbles… And the scarlet weeds… Aren’t they odd? What do you think? Your friends’ name? Where are you?” you call out suddenly… to realise he/she is not there beside you. (5)
By now, you had come quite deep inside the woods and the sky looked it would rain soon.
You desperately call your friends’ name but it was like he/she had completely disappeared.
“Beware…” a loud voice bellowed from the sky, “You have entered the Woods of Wonder. You have stepped in great danger and your fate will be decided by you alone.”
You gaze at the sky. There was a hole in the clouds, peeping sunlight. Your friend was still not here and the wind was turning hostile… Maybe a storm was near.

Questions for You:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your friends’ name and gender?
  3. Would you like your friend to join in your journey?
  4. Were you scared?
  5. What will you do now?
  6. What is in your backpack?
  7. How are you feeling?

27 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure: Chapter One

  1. oh, this was different and cool.
    I just started painting a picture in my head and taking a deep dive into your words and then it was no more….
    well, in my mind I paint my short story….
    Thank you…..
    Take care, hope you are well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh.. I will put it on my catch up list my friend…❤️be patient with me please❤️
        Well, I don’t know if it is so good…but I understand you want to know…
        I hope you are well❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. My name is Rondragonblack I come from a long line 66 to be exact of Dragon Slayers. My friends name is Ruin, male, been around for thousands of years. I asked Him to go on this journey in the Enchanted Forest but She chickened out.
    Then I hear this Voice that I have heard before in the, “Woods of Wonder”, Bellowed out, “Beware….”
    I am no English teacher, Voice, but you left the thought unfinished, “Beware of What”. Enlighten me. I like to know who I am going to fight today.
    Until then I am going to take a seat beside this bush and reach in my Backpack and eat some Beef Jerky and Smoked cheese with Iced Tea. The winds are picking up, am I going to be Enlightened in the Woods of Wonder under the blazing Sun. The Voice is getting ready to speak, I see the leaves rustling in the Trees.
    Your move Dragon Warrior (:

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  3. My name is Valeriane, and the voices of the woods have called me longer than Minah will ever know. The whispering things I hear from my window at night have always called my name. I wonder if they called Minah. She never feared the wiles of this place like I did–perhaps I should have taken this journey alone. I should have warned her, like my grandmother warned me.

    The thunder of the voice over the trees still thrums and echoes. The red, creeping leaves of the blood-weeds shake at my feet like they are laughing at my hesitation. Obviously, they are in on the joke. I finger the strap of my backpack, tucked under my cloak. The enchanted mirror my grandmother gave me clinks against the sealed potions (wakefulness, adrenaline, stamina, clear-headedness) inside. “Use this mirror if you ever need to see evil,” Grandmother had said, tucking curls behind each of my pointed ears. “Because you will always find it behind you.”

    The violet path seems to rattle and warp. The Woods of Wonder, and great danger…Near as I can see, all the evil here is ahead of me. But I know I must venture deeper. I must bring Minah back, and prove to Grandmother I am worthy of being her next Wind-Chaser.

    Even if I was born without wings.

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    1. Oh, Elyan, your journey is so really amazing and interesting!!
      Would you mind if I post it in the next chapter featuring Valeriane’s journey? Would you like to have a picture of her in the next chapter?
      Thank you for making my day 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What is your name? rusty
    What is your friends’ name and gender? sarah female
    Would you like your friend to join in your journey? she is always in my pocket
    Were you scared? only a fool would say they were never scared. i am no fool
    What will you do now? sit and listen to the earth breath in the trees and hear the grass whisper her name.
    What is in your backpack? adventures
    How are you feeling? nostalgic

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sarah is on her own journey. I carried a bit of her with me in my pocket, but like all things, they have to be let go. To be released. Set free so I can be free. No longer do I need her in my pocket and that is why I listen to the grass. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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