Older Days

Thank you so much, K Rawson for holding this amazing challenge of What Pegman Saw! This week he’s off to Bhutan, taking us with him in the journey.

Bhutan | Google Maps

Older Days

Hundred years I have lived,
In edges of pines and curves of grasses,
Hundred clouds I have seen,
Kissing the ground as dawn passes
Softly, beside the gurgling streams.
All my life, was a spring,
Till there were flowers
In the long dotted fields,
Till there were dragon flies
Hovering by the contours of dark green hills,
Till they saw me with the lightning
and thunder of stormy nights,
Till they believed me and gave me a place
In their lives.
Now I am a lie,
Just to exist in books,
And in the flag fluttering in the skies.


  1. Perhaps you had already guessed it, it was written in perspective of a dragon. Druk, the dragon in Bhutanese flag, is a Tibetan mythological creature.
  2. Written missing those days where people used to believe in dragons.

25 thoughts on “Older Days

  1. You weave the events of life with a thread and needle. It is those that are like flowers to you that you stitch into clothes of Beauty. Then the lies will decay it is the cycle of Life that you ride everyday.

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      1. There only two events in our lives we either stitch clothes of darkness all our lives or we stitch clothes of those precious moments in our Creation and put on new clothes that are befitting our nature. From our childhood to our present. Each of us are unique and different sometimes it takes a Father to remind us of such things.

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