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Den Of Dreams

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. I am really glad to have you as companions in this long, magical journey. Welcome!


The Journey Begins

Introducing you one of the new bloggers in the blogosphere… I am really looking forward to his posts! He seems like a great person with a quote that touches my heart… “You can do it, if you really want it” Thank you for your great message, Clint van There, looking forward to hear more from you soon ✨ Dear fellow bloggers, let’s meet new people round the blogging world.

Fathers Recovered

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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Exams are still going on, but Tatsuya had an emotional outburst. Too hard to be swallowed. Too bitter to be told aloud. That’s why a poem outlet.


A deep shaking down my heart,
Like quakes, soft tremors,
Going hard,
Shattering hearts with
Knives of broken trust—-
Like pieces of glass.
Awful rumours,
Swallowed hard,
False believes, false myths,
Dreams rust—
In this awful cage of reality.

I am hurt—
Like a wounded bird,
Can’t sing, can’t dream, can’t tell.
Hopes fell,
Trust fell,
All gone down, down the life’s well.
It hurts
When people you care turn back,
Stare you cold looks
Throw in their black books—
Just because of an unknown mistake.
Can’t take,
Pleading help from myself to recover
A cold feeling nobody cares,
A forbidding feeling that never lets me dare
To go out and seek the world.

He wanted to ask, what did you do when someone you really care turned back?
And I apologise to anyone whose feelings I’ve hurt for my delayed responses. Everything is going so muddled for me…

P.S. Would you please tell me, do I sound too “fake”? Do I seem too emotional?

15 candles alight

Well, I know, I had said goodbye some weeks ago, but it’s now I have decided to come back. I was having a bit of trouble with myself, but luckily I have won. 😃However, a new problem, called exams, has popped up and fixed me down. 😅

No worries, though! I am damn sure by 20th of September, I can return to my Den of Dreams and take long rambles here and there. ✨ ❤

I was really missing you all a lot these days!!

And, so, today, I thought it would be a nice way to spend my 15th birthday xx

A very big thank you to all my blogging friends who have stood along this time, even when I had left! I have read all your comments and I would reply very soon… Please be a little patient with me 😃 xxx

Letters given to me by my imaginary best friends, Rin and Haruo

And I would love to thank you all for caring so much for me! You really made me feel special with your warmth.

Thank you so much Elyan White for taking me and Tatsuya on tour of Lumis.

Thank you so much Sheree for offering me for a guest post on such a magical place!

Thank you so much Tatterhood for asking me about my welfare.

And thank you so much, William Johnson for your kind wishes on my birthday.

Lots of love to everyone and best wishes!

Dragon Warrior

Well, it’s the end, Goodbye.

I can’t believe, it’s all over. My beloved journey has already came to an end. Sixty three days, just sixty three days, and one hundred and one post. It’s over, yes, it’s all over. The Den of Dreams has collapsed. The Dragon Warrior is defeated.

I have never so cold while writing ever. Even though it’s 27 degree Celsius outside, I am cold. Very cold. My fingers are colder than they have ever been. I am feeling a shiver all around me. Dread. Fear. Tension. Despair.

For the first time in my entire blogging journey, I dreaded opening my laptop. My laptop. The beloved portal to the Den of Dreams. For the first time, I was shaking so much. So much of fear, so much of nervousness.

It’s all over. I can’t see you again. I can’t read your wonderful words. I can’t view through your eyes. I can’t express my gratitude anymore. I can’t share my views. I can’t share my pain. I can’t share my laughs. I can’t cherish the precious moments whenever one of you liked me, talked with me and joined in my journey.

I don’t know if anybody would miss me. Maybe yes, maybe not. Maybe you would secretly be happy that I left. But I would certainly miss you. More than any words can explain. I would miss our each and every moments together.

I wanted to do so many things before bidding my goodbye. I wanted to thank everyone of you. I wanted to write a letter to my beloved “elder sister” Nina, I wanted to talk with Lily of the Virgo, I wanted to visit Lumis with Elyan White, I wanted to discuss cricket with Ink ’em Down, I wanted to ask Sheree about her travels, I wanted to read all of your answers, I wanted Alex Carey to see my blog once, I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you, I wanted to create my own award on WordPress, and a hundreds and thousands of things. I wanted to stay with you forever. So many dreams in the Den of the Dreams. But now as the Den collapses, all the dreams are buried deep, deep inside.

It’s the end, I know. And standing in the dying light of the dusk, shivering with fear of losing you all, I feel quite fearless as well. I can tell anything I want without having the fear to lose anything else.

So, let me say something that I always wanted to shout out: “Haters are going to hate, but for their scorns, I will never change myself! I will follow my own path, even if it means standing up alone!”

And yes in my journey so far I have learned something important: “Blogging is not all utopia. You can get hurt as well.”

And I also wanted to speak out to my favourite bloggers for the last time…

Sheree, you would always be my beloved! I can never forget my gratitude to you! You have let me touch the stars of my dreams. Please do keep coming in my dreams!

Tatterhood, you were my very first friend in the blogging world and always close to my heart. I know, just today morning, I promised you I’d be there with you always and now I have to leave.

Renee, you were, you are, and always would be deep, deep down in my heart. I can never forget your kindness and compassion and care you had given me.

Nina, you are my true figure of courage and inspiration. If there is one light that never fades, that’s you. You are the very flame of goodness that can never be extinguished. Your little sister Mira has to leave now, though.

Crimson, you are the very best teacher my journey has brought me to. Always an ocean of knowledge, and showing me the path I should go. You brought the world to my eyes.

Elyan White, you are my beloved and I daresay my bestfriend in blogging world. I loved suggesting. I really wanted to visit Lumis. I am so sorry to disappoint you like this.

And at last, I bid my apologies to anyone I had offended or had by chance put in discomfort. I really had not mean to. I am so sorry.

And thank you for all those three hundred and thirty one people who had been with me in my journey.

Parting are always hard I know but never have I cried so much at leaving someone since the age of 11, when my previous best friend left.

The days ahead look very empty indeed. I would miss you all from the deepest of my core.

And the last words, about my name. I know, and I am blessed to have so many nicknames all around the world. Ms. Warrior from Jessica E Larsen, Mira from my beloved Nina, and Sophie for most of you. I am sorry, I can never reveal my true name, but my favourite thing to call myself is Shizen, which means nature.

I am so sorry that I can’t tell you the reason for parting. It’s painful, for me and I really don’t want to speak it out.

It’s a long tiring post, I know, and I had been hyper emotional. But well, it’s all over. Thank you so much for being with me.


Yours always,

Dragon Warrior (yes, my nickname to myself, Shizen)

An Invitation

An Invitation

M’ladies and m’lords, here I am again. I have had the luckiest opportunity to visit a distant, faraway land called Lumis, by the one and only Elyan White.

It is, yes I confess, my first inter-stellar travel, and I am indeed in a silvery light. I am waiting here, at Raisen Port. I thank you deeply, m’lady, for having me.

Tatsuya Tuorin

Myself from yesterday. Copyrights Tatsuya Tuorin

The Adventurer’s Guide To Cygnet: Part 2

So here our journeys continue in the hills and vales of Cygnet. I am coming a long way back, and then, there’s the charming guide of Lumis as well by Elyan White. Really, nothing can beat such a collaboration! 🙂

We both agreed on a set of questions to create a visitor’s guide for passing tourists, so you’re welcome to embark on our adventures with us, if you think you can make the journey.

Elyan White

Here we go again!

6. Your favourite local legend there?

Oooh, legends! Our Quya Zkyeatto mythology is filled lots of myths and legends about perhaps each and every topic. There’s the Artist, the Dragon Boy, the Beetle Bard, the Rebel and so on!

I don’t know the legends of other cultures yet, but my favourite among ours is The Warrior’s Tale. It’s a tale about Homura, a Whatou prince, born physically weak about an ocean of courage and determination. He proves to us, that to become a warrior, you don’t have to kill, but to protect. He dies at the mere age of 12 but has a deep impact on every Quya’s mind.

7. Any unique creature there?

Hundreds and thousands! Each community has an array of mythical creatures… Well, I am not very much aware of others, but for us Zkyeatto, there’s a Kayoui (a weird cross between Werewolves and Vampires, I guess), the Ijins (small underwater creatures) and obviously the Dimyou (creatures who live in Lands of Death, unfortunately one of my closest friend is one such guy, Haruoeh? Did I just say close? No, he is not, not, not! *blushes*) “-”

8. A great mystery of your world?

Cygnet is shrouded in mystery. The most trending one among the Zkyeatto is the existence of those portals. Portals, yes, those odd creepy portals that can lead you to anywhere and everywhere in the universe. You may land in Eternal Frost Land (like Gou did) or Fluorine Kingdom, or where your wildest fancies take you. Remember, in Cygnet, anything can happen….

But personally, I am in doubt, how in the whole wide world Haruo has come from Dimyou Land to our neighbourhood and why is he always teasing me like that and peeping in my dreams and thoughts.

9. The most dangerous place there?

The portals, of course. No one knows where they can lead to, and if there’s a road leading back.

But to me, the most dangerous place is anywhere Haruo is. Awkward, isn’t he?!

10. Are there many different religions there?

Many! But the major religions are the communities I told earlier about.

A big thank you to everyone reading this and joining us!

Have a happy Sunday! ❤